Facility Rental

Choice offers cage, field, and pitching lane rentals for you or your team.

Hitting Fundamentals

Teaching fast hands through the zone, with proper balance and mechanics

Fielding Fundamentals

Skill Development

We’ll develop all your skills to make you the player you want to be!


Choice Sports Training Center

Choice sports training center is the destination for professional baseball, softball and fitness instruction in Northern Colorado. We specialize in fundamental skill development, enabling the hard-working player to excel in game situations when the pressure is on. We not only develop the physical skill of an athlete, but we seek to develop character and integrity. Our 21,000 square foot indoor facility is ideal for year round training.

The membership plans we offer will allow your young athlete to develop his or her skills and see remarkable improvement. Stop by our facility today to take a tour and see everything we have to offer.


“My son has shown great development as a baseball player. He embodies skill, character, and sportsmanship. ┬áThe great instruction and hard work are paying off. I love CHOICE!”

- Joe